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Metta Wishes

As we give him time and space for his healing process, you may post your wishes here! Let’s give our support by practicing merit making, meditation, metta and dedicate it to him.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Appreciate your thoughts and wishes!

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Hi Mooi, don't stay away for too long ok. Come back soon to the zoo. It's not fun when you are out. Mega Mettas to power you up.

Weoi Li

Bro..... Chee Onn.. Be strong and stay positive just like how you had inspired many to serve selflessly in Buddhist community. It is okay to time off to bounce back stronger and higher. May the joys and merits gathered in the past be the source of strength and motivation to get well soon!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Nee Wern

Chee Onn, my heart goes out to you. Knowing you as a friend for over 25 years is indeed a privilege and honour. Being in touch and working together is indeed a good opportunity also, to bring great merit. I wish you all the blessings for your well being. Recalling all the good that you have done up till today, your storehouse of merits will being much benefit. May you rejoice and find joy in all the good that you have. From the bottom of my heart, I send all the care and love for you to find comfort, peace, and joy. May you be well, may joy be with you. Blessings be to you for your well being.

Mun Yee & Mei Joon

May your selfless Dhammaduta activities both local and international, always striving for the best, benefiting others near and far, be the cause for your journey of smooth and speedy recovery. May you be protected and blessed by the Buddha, Bodhisatvas, Dharma Protectors, and Deva Devis. Your are not alone, Gambahteh Kawan!

Lim Kooi Fong

Dear bro Chee onn Just heard about the news of your health condition. Be strong and stay positive. Know that many are behind you giving love and support. You are never alone. I look forward to working with you on many more events to come. Get well soon!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Soniafaye Ng

Dear Bro Chee Onn, Please get a good rest and may you heal well soon 🙏 thank you so much for all the support and guidance you have gave me and my team for so many years ✨️ Dedicating merits in all our blessings, we can't wait to see you soon after treatment! Stay strong and be happy! 💖 ~ Soniafaye

Tan Wei Loong

Hey Bapak, I just heard the news and wanted to reach out and let you know that I'm thinking of you and sending all my love and support your way. I know this is an incredibly challenging time, but please remember that you're not alone in this fight. I believe in your strength and resilience, and I'm here for you every step of the way. If there's anything you need, whether it's someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on, or practical help, please don't hesitate to reach out. Stay positive and keep fighting, my friend. There is hope, and we're in this together. Sending you all my metta and u will definitely over come this.

Sam Chia

Dear Chee Onn, I hope this message finds you in the best possible spirits, despite the challenging circumstances you're facing. I wanted to take a moment to remind you of the incredible strength and resilience you possess. Life sometimes throws unexpected curveballs, and this battle with cancer is undoubtedly one of the toughest challenges you'll ever face. But remember, you are not alone in this fight. As you navigate through this journey, please remember that your positive mindset and determination can make a significant difference. Embrace each day with hope and courage, knowing that setbacks are temporary, and you have the strength to bounce back stronger than ever. Please take care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Prioritize self-care, surround yourself with positivity, and never hesitate to ask for support. You are loved, cherished, and admired for the incredible human being you are. Wishing you strength, peace, and a speedy recovery.

Amy Tong

Dear Bro Chee Onn, This is Amy - not sure if you rmbr me but another fellow Malaysian Buddhist in Singapore who has been honored to have been connected with you. I’ve heard from fairygodmother (yes, sis Karen!) about you and wanted to send you a message filled with metta so you have the peace & calmness, resiliency for recovery and always remember you have our support & prayers. Take good care and may you be well & happy.

Zhong Wei

Dear Chee Onn, May your recovery journey be smooth.. obstacles be cleared and aspirations fulfilled.

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